Project Euler

The other day my team leader, Mark, pointed me to a great site for testing your problem solving skills.  Project Euler contains over 180 mathematical or computer programming related problems that you can solve yourself.  You can create an account and submit your answers to track your progress.  Once you’ve solved the problem, you gain access that problems thread where you can discuss it.  I’ve started from the beginning using C# in LINQPad.  I do one or two each day as a brain exercise before I begin work.  I’m considering creating a new page to house my solutions, beginning with the nine I’ve solved so far.  In any case, check out the site and try your hand at some of the problems.

6 thoughts on “Project Euler

  1. Dude, your site makes me go crazy… If you click on any links (like your LinkedIn Profile or LINQPad) the url stays as ‘’ from then on. I cant handle that sort of trickery at 7am.

    In other news, Im trying out LINQPad… its pretty cool!

  2. The domain masking is a little weird, since I didn’t pay for the domain name upgrade. Instead I just enabled domain forwarding/masking from GoDaddy for my domain name. If I stay hosted on, I’ll probably get the upgrade, but I might move to hosting elsewhere.

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