Welcome to yet another technical blog.  My teammates at ExtendHealth, Inc. finally convinced me to start my own blog, and I figured it’d also be useful for me to record the various things I’ve done.  I’ll be detailing problems and solutions I encounter as I work on projects here at Extend, and my thoughts on working with various technologies.

At the moment I’m involved in a project utilizing the UCC API, a client-side API used to communicate with Office Communications Server directly from our own applications.  The API isn’t as straightforward and user-friendly as I’d like, and the documentation is lacking in some areas (I’ll go into more detail in a future post).  Many of my upcoming posts will be related to working with this API, and I hope to provide several usable code samples.

I hope my posts prove useful to others, and answer questions that can’t be found elsewhere on the Internet.  Take a look at the links on the side to see my teammate’s blogs.


2 thoughts on “Greetings

    • Hi Mark,

      I haven’t touched the UCC API in a long time; I’ve been working mostly with UCMA 2.0. Back in May of 2008 Alex Liberman emailed me about that same thread asking if I had found a solution yet. I hadn’t, but he replied later saying he finally had:

      finally got it to send an application session.

      Had to:
      create session of type UCCST_APPLICATION
      create session participant
      advise the participant for DIID__IUccApplicationSessionParticipantEvents
      in the corresponding OnOutgoingInvitation function, use the incoming
      pEventData pointer of type IUccOutgoingInvitationEvent to set the content
      type and session description
      Guess what, IUccOutgoingInvitationEvent has a member called Send. Hmm!

      I never got around to trying it myself; we had started using the Communicator Automation API by that time. If you need more details, I can email you his email address so you can get in touch with him.

      Hope this helps,

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